Last updated Jan 09, 2018

Accepting Offered Job

The Issues which you are able to undertake are listed in [Offered]. When you (or your colleague) undertake the issues, they will no longer be displayed in [Offered]. (They are moved to [My Tasks] of the one who undertook.) If you want to see the current progress or handling manuals of an Issue, open the [Detail] before you undertake it.

1. Offered
Listing information of the Issues, such as the title, current Step name, deadline of handling
  • You can customize the display just like My Tasks

a. Issue Data
You can see the entered values in each Data Item
b. Progress of the Issue
You can see the current location (Step) in the Flow diagram
c. History on the Issue
You can see the Handler / handling time of upstream Step
d. Associated Enterprise Social Networking Posts
You can see the posts (tweets) on the Enterprise Social Networking associated with the Issue (#pIssue ID (ProcessID))
  • You can also see a list of “candidate of underwriting” from Candidates link
  • You can also check the “Work manual” on the entire Workflow from the Work Manual link

1. Undertake
To undertake the Issue that is stagnant at the Step you are in charge, click on the Accept button on the detail screen
  • The Issue moves to My Tasks from Offered
  • You can also undertake multiple Issues in bulk (Check-box)
  • You can also undertake and start handling together by clicking on the Accept and Operate button