Last updated Aug 20, 2015

Returning Accepted Job

If you were no longer able to handle an Issue that you have undertaken for some reason, you can put it back to the state of [Offered] by [Returning] it. The person who has returned the Issue also can [undertake] it again. In addition, in case that someone to underwriting on behalf has been decided, use [Delegate] to change the underwriting personnel, instead of returning to [Offered].

a. Mismatching between Handler and Issue
Becomes difficult to Handle because necessary skills are higher than expected
(e.g.: Translation which is required expertise)
b. Exceeding the Capacity of Handler
Seems cannot spare time to respond for a while because other Issue to be prioritized has occurred

1. Issue Data
You can see the entered values in each Data Item
2. Progress of the Issue
You can see the current location (Step) in the Flow diagram
3. History on the Issue
You can see the Handler / handling time of upstream Step
4. Associated Enterprise Social Networking Posts
You can see the posts (tweets) on the Enterprise Social Networking associated with the Issue (#pIssue ID (ProcessID))

1. Return
Reverting the Issue that you have undertaken to the state of Offered
  • You cannot Return when there was no one who could handle the Issue