Last updated Aug 20, 2015

Giving away Jobs You have Accepted

In the situation that 'somebody else should handle' the Issue that you have accepted, or 'somebody else is ready to undertake on behalf of you', you can [Delegate] the Issue to others. Users who have Control Authorization can change the undertaker of the Issue forcibly to others than the candidates.

a. Mismatching between Handler and Issue
Found more appropriate handler (e.g.: ‘Translation which is required expertise’)
b. Optimization of Work Sharing
One of the Co-workers who has room of time is going to handle on behalf

1. Issue Data
You can see the entered values in each Data Item
2. Progress of the Issue
You can see the current location (Step) in the Flow diagram
3. History on the Issue
You can see the Handler / handling time of upstream Step
4. Associated Enterprise Social Networking Posts
You can see the posts (tweets) on the Enterprise Social Networking associated with the Issue (#pIssue ID (ProcessID))

Let somebody else (by designation) undertake the Issue which you have accepted.
  • When there is no one else who could handle the Issue (if you were the only candidate in the Step), you cannot delegate it
  • Users who have Process Administrator Authorization can assign to anyone

M3020 Privilege of Process Model Authorization