Last updated Oct 23, 2017

Changing Setting of Notification, Language, etc..

You can receive "Notification Email" in various timing such as an Issue arriving to the business Step that you are in charge of. You can customize the timing of receiving these notifications at [Account Setting] (top right menu). In addition, you can also configure your own personal setting such as Password or language, at

a. Changing Displaying Name
You can change the name to be displayed (e.g.:’Suzuki’->’SUZUKI’)
b. Changing User Icon
You can set your own icon (up to 100 KB)
c. Changing the Main Affiliation
You can change the default affiliation if you have more than one affiliations
  • You need to ask to the user who have a User Management Authorization to change Email address, Organization and Role
  • For users who belong to more than one department (concurrently serving), some processes will require position selection (e.g.: Expense Report, etc..)
  • Since the User icon is cached in the browser, it takes time to reflect the change (1 day)

a. Changing Login Password
Change your password as you needed
b. Issuing API Password
Issuing as the process model designer, for utilizing Basic Authentication API
  • Password Policy” is configured by the System Administrator

1. Displaying language
You can switch displaying language on your Operating screen, such as the menu or email alert
  • Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese. (Kyoto dialect, Simplified Japanese)

1. Time Zone
It is possible to switch the Time Zone setting of the time displaying on your operation screen, such as the Datetime type data items or date and time of processing records
  • The Date type data items and the result of Search and Aggregation function are indicated in the Time Zone of the system (Not possible to change the Time Zone)

1. Incoming of Issue (Offered)
Notification that an Issue has been added to the Step which you are in charge of
2. Incoming of Issue (Automatically Undertaken)
Notification that an Issue has been automatically assigned to you, so you got another My Task
3. Deadline for Handling (1 Day caution)
Notification at one day before the Deadline for the Issues in My Tasks or Offered
4. Deadline for Handling (1 Hour caution)
Notification at one hour before the Deadline for the Issues in My Tasks or Offered
5. Deadline for Handling (Deadline Exceeded)
Notification of the Deadline for the Issues in My Tasks or Offered has been exceeded (At fixed time intervals)
  • You can choose from notification by email, notification on Open Chat (former Task Feed), or both of them
  • Emails come from no-reply@s.questetra.net, dedicated address for notification. (Please modify your Spam Filter, if necessary)
  • Questetra server will receive replies to a notification-only address, but it is automatically discarded

1. Mention
Email notification on Posting to you (Message / Comment)
2. Reaction (Comment)
Email notification when commented to your Message
3. Reaction (Good!)
Email notification when someone gave you ‘Good!’ to your post (Message / Comment)