Last updated Feb 16, 2017

Tools for Detecting Incoming Job

When you want to promptly recognize the occurrence of processing that you must correspond or the arrival of the issue which you are one of the candidates for undertaking it, the detection tools are helpful. For example, You can always recognize the "number of Issues" that you should handle by installing [You've Got Task] which is one of Chrome Extensions.

a. Immediate Response (externally)
Responding quickly to the reception of inquiry (KPI: Average Response Time)
b. Immediate Response (internally: Determination)
Preventing approvals from retention (Acceleration to Management Decision)
c. Immediate Response (internally: Trouble)
Reacting instantly to failure notification from the sensor

1. Installing Published Apps
Installing apps which are utilizing Developer APIs
  • You will be able to detect the arrival of the Issues even when you are not logged in Questetra on your browser
  • You can also develop the original apps specialized to specific business process such as “Failure Dealing” or “Request for Decision”
  • The applications must have been registered by the System Administrator (Connection applications that use OAuth)

1. Indicating the Number of Issues
Always displaying the number of Issues in My Task (or Offered)
2. Indicating the List of Issues
“Titles” of the Issues will be listed by clicking on the icon
3. Directly Move to the Input Screen
You can move to the Input screen by clicking on a title on the list
4. Starting New Issue
You can Start new Issues from the list of Operations
  • You can install for Free in Chrome; ‘Search the store’ < Get more extensions < Extensions < Tools. Chrome Web store
  • Setting example of[Destination Questetra BPM Suite URL]:https://online-demo-en.questetra.net
  • You must be logged in (or enabled Auto Login), to directly move to the detail of the Issue.