Last updated Aug 27, 2015

Checking Current State of All the works in the Company

When you want to see 'How is the current situation' (where and how many stagnating is there), you can see the stagnated Issues on the Heat map (a flow chart which shows the stagnating situation) as overhead view. If you want to see the Issues that are staying in a particular Step, click on the Step icon on the Flow Diagram to further narrow down the list of Issues.

1. Unfinished Issues in Entire Company
Among all the Issues that are flowing through the business flow, list the Issues still in the middle of processing
  • A Pie-chart of Operations is displayed together
  • The Issues which you are not authorized to view does not appear nor aggregated

R3020 Privilege of Process Model Authorization

1. Unfinished Issues in Particular Operation
Clicking on the portion of Pie-chart to narrow down to certain Operation
  • A Flow Diagram is displayed together (Visualizing the number of staying of TOKENs)

1. Issues that are staying at certain Step in certain Operation
Clicking on the Step icon on the Flow Diagram to further narrow down the List
  • You can overview the number of Offered Issues and the number of the Issues that are ready to be processed / under processing, in the particular Step

1. Details of an Issue
Checking the up-to-date history at detailed information of each Issue
  • For the Issues that was Split, more than one processing logs on the same time are remained
  • The Issues that have flowed through the process Model with a loop structure, the same process name possibly appear multiple times