Last updated Mar 14, 2017

Checking Record of Jobs You Have Done by Term of Monthly

When you want to check to see the transition of the number of Issues that you have responded (the number of times of handlings), you can see the number-of-handling aggregation chart. The handling logs for past one year are aggregated, you can see the transition in the monthly chart. If you narrow down by the Workflow name (App), you can see the monthly transition of the number of handling upon specific business flow.

a. Creating a Personnel Evaluation Sheet
Obtaining the basic data for explaining the performance of yourself quantitatively
b. Searching for the Issue you have Handled
Searching for the Issue which you remember only ‘you had handled it in last April’
  • The number of the Issues and the number of handlings does not necessarily match
  • For example, if there is a “Confirmation Step” at the downstream of “Application Step”, the number of handlings will be nearly twice the number of Issues

1. Checking the Monthly Transition Chart
Browsing the number-of handling aggregation chart in Your Performance (Bar chart)
2. Narrowing Down by the Month
Narrowing down the list of handling logs by clicking on a bar in the chart
  • You can add the item to be displayed in the handlings log list from the Columns menu in the list view
  • You can sort the list by system information such as Process Name (Task Name), Arrival Date, Completed Date and the Deadline Time
  • You can also download the list data as it is displayed (CSV, Excel, Google Spreadsheet)
  • If you want to see the current progress of the Issue that you had been handled, check the current Step in the [Progress Monitor]
  • If you want to save the search criteria, use the [Advanced Search]