Last updated Mar 14, 2017

Checking Permission of Data Viewing of Your Own

The appearance of the list of search results and the appearance of the Business data in the detail will vary by individual. You cannot know the data in Issues which are not related to yourself or which you don't have the"Data Viewing Authority", including its existence. For the range that you are capable of searching and aggregation, you can see it at [App Authorization] shown in [Account Setting].

a. Issues You Were Involved with
Issues you have Started and Issues you undertook the Steps in the middle of
b. Data Viewing Authorization
Issues on operations which you have been given the Data Viewer Authorization from Process Model Editor
  • In “Issues you were involved”, only data items that you could view in the Step you undertook will be the subject to be searched to be shown
  • Issues will not be shown even though you could view in the period of Offered, etc., however, you did not handle eventually
  • With the authorization of Data Viewer (only Progress Information), you cannot search for Business data
    (except ‘Title’, etc.)

R3020 Privilege of Process Model Authorization

1. Browsing Your Authorization
Browsing the list of Apps at Account Setting
2. Checking Your Authorizations
Checking if you have the authorization of Data Viewer or Data Viewer (only Progress Information)
  • Only the Workflow definitions (App) that any of the authorization has been given to you) will appear
  • Data viewer subsumes Data Viewer (only Progress Information) (You don’t need Data Viewer (only Progress Information) if you had Data viewer)

a. Searching by ID
If you know the Issue ID (Process ID), type the number (e.g.: ‘123’)
b. Searching by the Title
Searching all over the Issues which you have the authorization

a. Checking the History with a Client
Searching over the history of correspondence with a particular client, such as Estimate, Inquiry, Invoice, etc..
b. Checking the Activities of Employees
Searching over the history of applications that a particular employee made, such as Expense Claim, Password Revising, etc..
  • The efficiency of “cross-operation searching (by Title)” will vary depending on whether what information is described in the Title in the daily work.
  • (If the initial value is set to be entered in advance, search efficiency will be significantly better.) M207
  • (The fluctuation in the description of the Title will reduced by guiding “Tips for input” for the Title data.) M213