Last updated Mar 29, 2016

Message Board on each Issue

[Discussion type data] is a little unique Data item. You can rewrite all of the [String type (multi-line type)] at the downstream Steps, but you can only "append" in "Discussion type". Also when you write to the [Discussion-type], the user name and written time is appended automatically. It is useful for communication on the issue, or recording of the situation.

a. Internal Communication
Writing notes that are peculiar to the issue, or encouragement for working on the issue
b. Recording of Atypical Information
Fill in the remarks or reference information that is hard to pre-defined as a data format
c. Recording of Process (Single Process, single person)
Recording the actions that made on the issue in a time series (eg.: ‘Made confirmation about the spec on the telephone’
d. Recording of Process (Single Process, multiple people)
Recording the opinions of more than one person (e.g.: Cooperative Processing on “Team Swimlane”)
e. Recording of Process (Multiple Procesess, multiple people)
Appending ever changing information in each Step (e.g.: “Weather forecast for the day of the event”

1. Typing into Input field
Type in the input field under display area
2. Click on the Send
Inputting Username and appended time are recorded automatically (Display area is updated)
  • Unlike the other data types, data is saved by clicking on the Send button (Data is sent to the server)
  • It is also possible to transmit data in a plurality of times during one operation (Handling)
  • If there remains unsent data in “Input field” of Discussion type, it will be sent together with other data items when transmitting
  • There is no Send button on input from the smartphone (It will be sent at the same time as the overall transmission)

1. Business Communication
Easy to make business communication which is the restricted to an issue that used to be done in emails
2. Batch Download
Discussion type data can be batch download in the format of CSV or Excel
3. In-house Communication
[Open Chat] (former Task Feed), the Enterprise Social Networking is very effective for communication open to the entire company (posting example: “#p1234”)

  • Display information does not update in real time (You should be careful in case that is assumed posting at the same time)
  • Partial deletion or editing of the content is not possible (which will be completely deleted when you delete the issue data)
  • When you Start reusing the past data, the contents of the Discussion type data are not replicated
  • “Initial value” (a state that has already been entered) on the Discussion type data is not available