Last updated Dec 10, 2015

Enterprise Social Networking Opened to Company-Wide

[Open Chat] (former Task Feed), the Enterprise Social Networking feature, is a tool that the transmitted information (tweet) by Users who you follow, to be displayed in your [Timeline], like Facebook and Twitter. You can follow the topics on business Hash-tag). For example, when you follow a topic of '#orders', postings that include the word of '#orders' will be shown on your time line.

1. Following User
When you want to display the posting (tweet) by your colleagues or your supervisor on your Timeline, add Users to your follow list
  • Tweets that the User has posted “addressed to the Followers” will appear on the follower’s Timeline
  • Posts related to Issues handling/ Offered (posted with “#p1234” format) will be displayed, regardless of whether or not you are following
  • If a User has posted limiting to a Section, the posting does not appear in the Timeline of the follower
  • (If a User has posted limiting to a Section, the posting appears on the timeline of all the members who belong to the Section, regardless of whether or not they are following)
  • All the posting (tweets) will be recorded openly (All the employees can browse or search all the posting)

1. Following a Topic (Hash-tag)
When you want to display posts that have been tagged particular Topic on your timeline, add the topic to the follow list
  • It is a good idea that pre-sharing topics (Hash-tag) such as “Events” and “Cross-department Project”, etc.

a. Good!
Telling your positive feelings to the User who has posted, leaving a record of your Good! at the same time
  • The posting that has gathered many Good! will be in ranked in ‘Good! on everyone’ (Latest one month)
b. Comment
You can write anything you want to advise or to tell
(Attachment of files, URL and Stickers are available)
  • You can associate your posting with Issue ID by adding ‘#p1234’ format (A space before and after, or line break is required)