Last updated Jun 12, 2017

Parallel, Single Split and Multiple Split

All steps are connected by the arrow pathway. When you output multiple arrows from one icon of Step (rounded rectangle), that means you have expressed "single-selection split" which is to select only one pathway. By placing a [Gateway], a diamond icon, you can define various Split such as concurrent processing steps.


a. Connection of multiple output
When there are plural options of the pathway, pull out multiple arrows from Step icon
b. Placing X Gateway
Place a [XOR (exclusive) Gateway] (diamond with X), then connect to optional pathway
  • The route evaluation formula is set for each option, the route will be automatically selected according to business data
  • However, in the case of “multiple-output”, it is also available to let the operator to select the route (e.g. “Send Back button” and “Approve button”)
  • The Route evaluation formula of each path is evaluated in the listed order, the first path that meets true will be selected
  • You can define plural conditional expressions on a route evaluation formula (e.g.: “Approved by the Director” and “Over 500 million JPY Payment”)
  • Conditional expression can be set also a comparison expression of two variables, as well as evaluation formula of one variable

R2010 List of BPMN

R2030 Type of Conditional Expression

a. Placing a + Gateway
When you want to split into all the pathways, place a [AND Gateway] (diamond with +)
b. Placing an O Gateway
When you want to split into some of the pathways, place a [OR Gateway] (diamond with a circle)
  • It goes to all the routes that meets true of the route evaluation formula at OR Gateway
  • A Join Gateway (plain diamond) is needed at the merging of a Flow Splitting (Parallel Processing)
  • It will wait for the arrival of all the parallel processing at the [Join Gateway] (Exclude Abort Token)
  • You can connect each splitted Processes directly to [End] without Joining the processes
  • When a splitted token arrives to [Terminate End], other parallel processing will be forcibly ended (M402)