Last updated Jan 29, 2018

Looping Structure

All steps are connected by the arrow pathway. The arrow pathway can be in a loop shape. It also supports hierarchical (multiplexing) loop or advanced loop called "non-block structure", as well as simple "Send-back flow". However, a loop structure that Split tokens will become infinite proliferation, will result in an error.


a. Drawing of Send-back Route
To send-back to one Step backward, you have to connect a backward route in addition to forward route
b. Drawing of Annular Pathway
To make multiple processes to be capable of reworking, connect a pathway for going back to
  • Although it is possible to compose a loop pathway with only automatic processing, it will become an error at the time when the number of actual processing exceeds 500
  • [App] in which an Issue token is possible to Split infinitely, are inoperable
  • (Split Model which includes a pathway that returning to the same point without merging)

a. Individual Looping
Eliminate pathways which goes back to the upper stream of Splitting point
b. Looping after Merging
Create returning pathway to the upstream of Splitting point after merging at Join Gateway
  • You must be careful for using both of Looping structure and multiple Split Gateways (AND Split/OR Split).
  • The combination of Single Split Gateway (XOR Split) and Looping structure will not cause an error even if arranged any how.