Last updated Oct 04, 2016

Mandatory Check and Input Format Check on Each Data Item

In order to reduce the input leakage and erroneous input, you can set the "limit of input range" and "Specifying mandatory".When there is a deficiency in the input data, error contents are displayed in the input screen upon completion, and re-inputting will be required to the operating personnel. In addition, in the Numeric type data items, is also possible to display the prefix / suffix for smooth input (such as currency unit).



a. Mandatory
Activate the [Required] If you do not allow the completion of processing of [My Tasks] in the non-input
b. Range of Numeric
Specify the Maximum value, the Minimum value, or both of them
c. Number of Decimal digits of Numeric
Specify Significant Digits below Decimal Point (e.g. “3.141” will not allowed to be entered if limited to 2 digits)
d. Number of Characters in a String
Specify the Maximum number of characters, the Minimum number of characters, or both of them
e. Format of Strings
In cases as zip code or Email address, restrict the format by “regular expression”
f. Number of Attachments
Specify the Maximum number of attachments, the Minimum number of attachments, or both of them
  • The input rule will be validated for each data item upon the completion of each Step
  • The input rule will not be validated for data items that is not allowed to edit in the Step.
  • It will not be validated if an item was [Required], when saving half way through data input
  • Specify the rules that are common to the entire Steps (See M213 for the complicated input control by JavaScript)
  • Non-input will be validated only for [Required] items at concluding the operation (Non-input will not become an error even if a 100 character limitation is set)

R2051 Input Control and System Limits (List of Subtype)

R2060 Regular Expression

a. Digit Delimitation
Specify either of ISO Standard, SI; Le Systeme International d’Unites, U.S., U.K., Japan style, or German, Italy, Spain style
b. Displaying Prefix, Suffix
Display the Currency symbol or Weights and Measures unit before or after of the Input form

a. ISO Standard
Comma decimal point / No digit delimiter (e.g.: ‘1234,56’)
b. SI; Le Systeme International d’Unites
Period decimal point / No digit delimiter (e.g.: 1234.56)
c. U.S., U.K., Japan
Period decimal point / Comma delimiter (e.g.: 1,234.56)
d. German, Italy, Spain
Comma decimal point / Period delimiter (e.g.: 1.234,56)