Last updated May 18, 2015

Nominating for other than the First Undertaking Person

In many cases, a User who handled the first Step in the Swimlane is also responsible for the downstream Steps of the issue. For example, the person in charge of answering a certain inquiry is responsible until completion of the issue (inquiry). On the other hand, it is not necessary that downstream handler is the same person as the person handling upstream Step, in the operations such as new graduates selection flow that to correspond to the massive entries.

a. Background knowledge in the upstream process is not required 1
Preparing a schedule of job interview in accordance with internal rules
b. Background knowledge in the upstream process is not required 2
Confirming that the invoice amount is credited after sending the billing
c. Large Amounts of Handling of Issues are Needed
In a situation that 10 people corresponding to 1,000 inquiries in a day, a different person makes a secondary response
  • The cancellation of the principle of continuous correspondence is effective, if the handling of the downstream Step does not depend on the “circumstances of the upstream”

a. Drafting Request for Decision and Reporting the Result
Drafter to carry out “Re-applying for a Rejected Request” and “Implementation Report after Approval” by his/ her own
b. In Charge of Answering Inquiry
The person in charge of answering will continue to correspond with responsibility, doing internal investigation and confirmation to the technology sector, etc.
  • It should not be “canceled” in the case that the downstream Step is hard to handle for people who are not familiar with the circumstances of individual issue

1. Modify Setting of Swimlane
Configure a Swimlane on which the Issue to be Offered on each time it arrives at a Step