Last updated Apr 17, 2015

Multiple Operators co-working on a Step at the Same Time

For each step as a general rule, one person among the underwriting nominee takes charge, and the person will enter data into the input screen. However, there are also a few processes that would be done by more than one person and which procedure is not clear, such as 'Decision-making by several people" or "Audit Committee to enter questions". [Team Swim Lane] allows to avoid the excessive decomposition of processes, and you can achieve the coordination processing by all underwriting nominees.

a. Processing of Procedure Undefined
To decide collegial responders and the number of responders, Depending on the nature of the project (e.g.: “Examining Public Proposal”)
b. Fostering Organizational Intention
Collect the dissenting opinion before making the discussion in the meetings (informal decision to time-critical projects)
c. Discussion by Multiple People
To demand discussions to the entire team until the resolution to the problem
d. Processing by Substitute
To process as an act of one person responsible for the sake of convenience, other people to support some or all of it
  • Team Swim Lane is a definition format provided by Questetra, which is an extension of the international standard notation BPMN.

a. Allocation of Issue
When an instance reaches, the instance will be displayed in the My Tasks list of the all underwriting nominees./dd>
d. Processing Completion
When someone Finishes the process, then it disappears from the My Tasks list of the all underwriting nominees.
  • Select Save and quit, if you want to enter only some part of data items.
  • If Data input is competing, only the input of the last saved will be recorded.
  • It is effective to use Discussion type data item that is appendable.