Last updated Aug 09, 2016

‘Work Manual’ referred from Operating Screen

By setting [Work Manual feature] on each Process Model (Business Process Definition), you can share documents online concerning the entire business process. For example, by collectively registering whole documents that describe leave system, you can expect smoother operation.

a. Browsing at Newly Start
Enables Newly Start with reading the work manuals
b. Browsing at when Considering Underwriting
Enables to confirm the work manuals before undertaking Offered issues

a. Description in Texts
You can describe Work Manual in plain texts to set
b. Description in Markup Language
You can also describe in HTML / Markdown

R2140 Markdown Sample

R0010 Properties of Process Model

  • Only Users with Process Model Editor authorization can edit
  • All the employees (all users within the same Questetra ID) can browse
  • The contents of “Work Manual” will be included in the exported archive of Process Model