Last updated Dec 02, 2016

Auto-Calculation while Inputting Numbers

There are many cases that you want to display dynamically the result obtained by numerical calculation such as the total amount and consumption tax, in the data input screen. For Numeric type data item, it is possible to set the "formula" (the arithmetic formula), and the calculation result will be input dynamically (interlocked).

a. Numeric Value
You can describe the constants, e.g. “0.05”, “30”
b. Arithmetic Operators
You can use addition “+”, subtraction “-“, multiplication “*”, division “/”, and parenthesis “(” and “)”
c. Numeric type data (Reference)
You can set a reference to other Numeric type data (E.g.: data[’9’])
d. Table type data (Reference)
You can set a reference to columns sum in Table type data (E.g.: data[’9’].summary[’2’] )
  • It is also possible to set a reference to a value of “Numeric type data which has been set arithmetic expression” (Cascade reference)
  • Circular reference will be an error, so nothing will be updated

1. Organize the Reference Relation
Pre-organize and understand whether which Numeric type data item to depend on which Numeric type data
2. Set an Arithmetic operation Expression
Set an expression which is expressed only in the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Calculation result will be reflected in real-time (Browser processing)
  • You will not be able to input manually to the Numeric type data item which has been set an expression
  • The variable which calculation expression is referring must be being displayed. (non-input will be handled as “0”)
  • It will be recalculated by the server again also at the time of completion of processing on downstream Steps (server processing)
  • Advanced calculation expression such as calculations of Exponentiation and Trigonometric, will require script knowledge (M213, M230)
data['1'] * data['2']
( (data['1'] + data['2']) * 0.05 - data['3'].summary['1']) / 30

R2270 Automatic assignment to Numeric type (data set expression)

1. Set the Significant digits
If you set “decimal digits 0”, the decimal point will be truncated
  • By setting plus “0.5” to the calculation expression, you can achieve “Rounding” of a valid number