Last updated Sep 04, 2017

Auto Starting at the Time You Fix

By placing [Timer Start Event]at the beginning of a Business Process, a new processing of instance will be Started (launch) automatically. For example, you can reduce the risk of forgetting periodic operations such as "Daily Report" or "Expense Claim at the end of a month".


1. Date
Specify the day you want to Start (One of Daily/ specified day of the week/ specified date in months/ specified date in a year)
2. Time
Specify the time you want to start in the day (Any minute of the day in between ‘0:00′ and ’23:59’)
  • Will be stored in My Tasks of all the nominees (e.g. “All the employees submits daily report”)
  • Also, it is possible to Start as an Offered Task (e.g. “Somebody writes a blog article”)
  • It is possible to set more than one Starting Date time on a Timer Start Event (e.g. “9 o’clock in the morning on Monday and Wednesday”)
  • There is a limitation to the number of Processes to run at the same time

R2170 Limitation on the Number of Running Processes