Last updated Sep 20, 2017

Auto Starting Triggered by Incoming Email

By placing [Message Start Event (Email)], a mechanism of starting a Process triggered by email at the beginning, a new Process which took over data in the email will be started automatically each time receiving an email. For example, an email of "Inquiry from external" comes in, an Inquiry Correspondence Process will be generated.


a. Email from Human
Corresponding to Inquiry Window, Complaints Hotline, Whistle-blowing Reception, etc.
b. System Linkage Email
Corresponding to Alert email from another system, Notification email from cooperating system, etc.

1. Determine the Recipient Address
Specify the part of the e-mail address
  • The Starting address you have set, you register it on the e-mail sending system, or add it to the mailing list
  • You cannot specify the domain part and a part of the local

1. From Address
Specify when you want to take over the FROM portion of the triggering email (String type (single line))
2. From Name
Can be stored in String type (single line) data item
3. To/Cc Address
Can be stored in String type (multiple lines) data item (The address for the starting is not stored)
4. To/Cc Name
Can be stored in String type (multiple lines) data item
5. Received Date
Can be stored in Datetime type data item
6. Email Subject
Can be stored in String type (single line) data item (Will be also automatically inserted in the Title of the Process)
7. Emai Body
Can be stored in String type (multiple lines) data item
8. Attachent
Can be stored in File type data item.
  • You do not need to store all of the information (Information will not be taken over if the storage destination was not specified)
  • E-mail more than 5MB will become an error (including attachments)
  • There is a possibility that cannot be automatically started by the limit of the entire system account
  • It will be useful for switching Process Model by configuring to be forwarded to the address of automatic start from a mailing list
  • By adding the person in charge of the business to the mailing list, it makes it easier to correspond at receiving error
  • System Administrator can configure enable / disable of the notification feature, and the notifying email address upon failure, at [System Setting] menu (M318)
  • R2170 Limitation on the Number of Starting New Process

    R2180 Error Notification for E-mail start