Last updated Dec 04, 2017

Auto Starting Triggered by Incoming Fax

By linking a receiving notification e-mail from the Internet FAX, and [Message Start Event (e-mail)], the mechanism of the e-mail Start, Workflow that FAX image was captured will be generated automatically. For example, Order processing (Production Workflow) will be started at the same time of Order FAX reception.


a. Unified Reception
The person in charge of FAX reception confirms data that come to Fax, and conveys to concerned section
b. Dedicating Business FAX
Sales personnel directly accept quote request issues that come in the FAX number that dedicated to estimates request
  • Internet FAX, is a cloud service that received FAX will be notified as an email attachment of image file
  • No need to worry about out of ink or paper because no need of the FAX receiver itself (Cloud-FAX)
  • Received FAX can be captured as business data by Workflow connectivity