Last updated Mar 16, 2017

Auto Starting Triggered by HTTP Request

By placing [Message Start Event (HTTP)] which is a mechanism of HTTP Start at the top, a new issue that takes over request data will be automatically started every time it receives an HTTP request. For example, you can build inter-system collaboration, such as launching a "Payment Reminder process" from the backbone system easily.


a. Starting by Other Systems
“Error Address Corresponding flow” will be Started automatically by the customer management system
b. Starting by Other App
Automatically passing the Order data in “Contract flow” to the “Production flow”
1. Receiving Data Item
Set the data viewing level (read/write permission) to Editable (read-write)
  • After releasing the Model, you will be able to see the Starting URL (request URL) or “Names” of parameters, etc.
  • As a data receiving parameter, you can specify the [Field name] set in the data item
1. Trigger URL
E.g.: “https://karasuma-shijo-000.questetra.net/System/Event/MessageStart/start?processModelInfoId=123&nodeNumber=0”
Business ID (Process Model ID): processModelInfoId
Standby point ID (ID of Message Start Event (HTTP)): nodeNumber
2. Security Key
E.g.: ‘key=NOYU3xDtySJqDhYGf02gj5X2sF1Scoaj’ ([!] Do not publish)
3. Business Data to be Transmitted
E.g.: ‘data[0].input=foo’
  • Request parameters can be either of GET / POST (POST is recommended, GET is partially prohibited)
  • File data are transmitted in POST multipart
  • System variable of “${var[applicationRoot]}” is available if it is the communication on the same Workflow platform

R2182 Error Notification of HTTP Start

R2210 Naming Convention for Data Receiving Parameter