Last updated Sep 20, 2017

Auto Starting Triggered by Google Form Entry

By linking Google Drive (Google Spreadsheet Form) and [Message Start Event (HTTP)], the mechanism of HTTP Start, a Workflow in which contains the contents that entered in the Google Form will be Started automatically. For example, a "Payment Confirmation - Thanks-mail flow " will be Started at the same time as the event participation acceptance.


1. Utilization of the System Assets
You can continue to use the “existing Google Form”
2. Differential Absorption of Necessary Items
You can separate data receiving (Google) and data processing (Questetra)
  • Sending data to Questetra by the script functions (Google Apps Script) in Google Form
  • It is possible to convey to the Workflow only the data you need among the data that have been input
  • Data receiving in the performance (service level) of Google Form
1. Receiving Data Item
Set the data viewing level (read/write permission) to Editable (read-write)
  • After releasing the Model, you will be able to see the Starting URL (request URL) or “Names” of parameters, etc.
function startWorkflow(e) {
  var longurl = "https://karasuma-oike-000.questetra.net/System/Event/MessageStart/123/0/start";
  var payload = "key=WWWWWWWW";
  payload += '&title=' + encodeURIComponent(e.values[1]);
  payload += '&data[1].input=' + encodeURIComponent(e.values[2]);
  payload += '&data[2].input=' + encodeURIComponent(e.values[3]);
  payload += '&data[3].input=' + encodeURIComponent(e.values[6]);
  payload += '&data[5].input=' + encodeURIComponent(e.values[9]);
  var params = {
    method: 'post',
    payload: payload
  UrlFetchApp.fetch(longurl, params);
  } catch (ex) {
  MailApp.sendEmail("ichiro@example.com", "script error", ex.message);