Last updated Dec 18, 2017

Sleeping in the Middle

By placing [Timer Intermediate Event] in the middle of the flow diagram, you can put the issue to sleep until restart time that has been set. It will refer to the Datetime data items that have been input at the upstream Step for the restart time. For example, in "Reservation Acceptance flow", you can build a mechanism to transmit reminding email automatically at the downstream Step (the day before the reservation date).


a. Calling of Automatic Processing
Sending a notification email for one day before reservation to the customer who made the reservation
b. Reminder for Humans Processing
Creating a validation report on Return On Investment again on one month later

1. Prepare Datetime Type Data Item
Prepare a DateTime type data item in the name, e.g. “Time for Reminding”
2. Set the Start time of the Intermediate Event
Restart time will be determined when the Issue reaches to the Event
  • When you need Automatic calculation for restarting time, arrange a Service Task (Data Assignment) or a Script Task on upstream
  • If it has been past the restart time when the Issue arrived, the Issue will progress without retaining (pausing)
  • If the Datetime Type Data (restart time) was non-input upon the time the Issue arrived, the Issue will progress without retaining (pausing)