Last updated Feb 05, 2018

Auto Sending of Email with Business data Inserted

By placing [Throwing Message Intermediate Event (E-mail)], an Email transmission event, an automated E-mail will be sent at each time the instance passing by. It is also possible to embed the business data that has been entered in the upstream processes into automated E-mail. For example, you can automatically send an email of the content of the reservations which has been confirmed through "Reservation process" to the customer (Reservation person).


a. To External
Sending an email that is automatically inserted customer’s name, to promote coming to a store
b. To Internal
Delivering emails that is inserted a part of the order information to the members of the section, to share information at the same time as the order decision

a. Header Info
Set each of ‘To/Cc/Bcc’, ‘Subject’, ‘From’ and ‘Mail body’
b. Mail Body
Set up the body part of the Auto-sending e-mail
  • Data insertion command by referencing Business data is available as well (e.g. ‘Received date time is ${[Received Datetime:3]}’)
  • Embedding of System environment value which the Workflow platform manages is also available (E.g. ${var[applicationRoot]})
  • Email Address that does not comply with the standard specification (RFC5322) will result in an error. (e.g.: Contains consecutive dots)
  • E-mail attachments of over 5MB in total will result in an error
  • Usage like Mail delivery agency is prohibited. (Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition Terms of Service)
  • You may require to set the SPF record for your domain (Sender Policy Framework)

R2240 Inserting Business Data (Email)

R2241 SPF Setting

R2183 Error Notification on Email Sending


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