Last updated Nov 20, 2017

Auto Executing Data Binding, Arithmetic Operations

By placing [Service Task (Data Assignment)] in the middle of a Workflow, you can overwrite Business data upon each Issue passing the Step. You can achieve an automatic set of "current time (Time of passing)" or set of 'Tax price" which has referred to "Price excluding Tax" that entered at upstream Step.


1. Calculation of the relative value
To set the date of three days later from “document delivery date” which has been entered in the upstream process, as the “deadline”
2. Unified Format
Automatically generates a string in accordance with the naming convention and set it as “invoice ID”
  • If you want to automate more complex data processing, you can use the [Script Task]

a. Reference to Other Numerical Data
Calculating the numerical value by referring to Numeric type data or fixed real number
( (data['1'] + data['2']) * 0.05 - data['3'].summary['1'] ) / 30

R2270 Automatic Assignment of Numerical (Data Assignment Format)

a. Reference to Other Datetime Data
Calculating the date or date time by referring to the Date type data or Datetime type data
b. Reference to Management information of Workflow Platform
Calculation by referring to the Start time or the current time

R2271 Automatic Assignment of Datetime (Data Assignment Format)

a. Set a Fixed value
Set the Options ID fixedly into Select type data

R2273 Automatic Assignment of Choice (Data setting formula)

a. Reference to Other Business data
Generate a string from such as String type data or User type data
b. Reference to Management information of Workflow Platform
Generate strings from such as the name of the Business operation or the Started User
Mr. #{data['8']}
xyz-#{#format(data['4'], 'yyyyMMdd')}

R2272 Automatic Assignment of String (Data Assignment Format)