Last updated Dec 20, 2016

Auto Backup to Google Drive

By placing "Service Task (Google Drive)", Auto-backup to Google Drive, in the middle of a flow,File type data is automatically backed up to the Google Drive at the moment the issue arriving to it. For example, you can transfer 'Invoice PDF which has been approved by the supervisor' to Google Drive automatically.


a. Internal Record
Backing up the PDF that is generated at upstream (E.g.:’Detailed Statement of Expense Paid on Behalf’, ‘Invoice’)
b. Uniform Management
Emailing the file on Drive directly without storing it in local (E.g.:’Proposal’)
c. Data Selection
Storing only images that have been selected at the upstream step into the Drive (E.g.:’Image materials for Website’)

1. Setting the Destination Folder
Set the name of the new folder (E.g.:’Good Proposals’, ‘Invoice-#{data[’10’]}’)
2. Setting the File Ownership
Specify Ownership (G Suite (formerly Google Apps) user) of the file to be stored
3. Setting Storage for Error Logs
Specify data items of communication error log to be stored (Not required)
  • Destination folder must be created newly by the request from Questetra
  • Names can be set dynamically referring to Business data (R2290)
  • Use a “/” (slash) when you want to specify a subfolder
  • Owner must have permitted ‘OAuth Export to G Suite’
  • When an error occurs, error details will be reported to the User with “Administrator authorization”
  • If the name of the destination folder is blank, the file will be stored directly under the “My Drive”
  • Cannot be stored in the folder that was created in a different way (If the name conflicts, another folder with the same name will be generated)
  • It is possible to change its sharing settings after the destination folder was generated by Questetra

R2290 Embeddable Business Data