Last updated Jan 21, 2016

Update, Delete User Accounts

When there are changes on the affiliations (Organization) or given Roles (Role) of Users as a consequence of personnel changes,etc., you can modify properties of such User Accounts that have been registered in BPM System. To Add or Delete User Accounts, the System Privilege called [User Administrator Authorization] is required.

Update, Delete User Accounts

a. Change in Issues List
After modifying affiliations or Roles of Users, those Users can view the Issues which the New Attributes allow them to
b. Grant or Revoke Privileges
When a User is assigned an organization where the members who belong to it are granted certain privileges, the User will be given those privileges automatically
a. Modify individually
Edit User name, Email address, Organization, Role, etc. in User Account Details screen
b. Modify in bulk
Update in bulk with CSV data

R3050 Properties of User Accounts

R3051 Formats for CSV Bulk Modification (User)

  • The registered passwords are invisible
  • You can retrieve CSV sample by clicking Download All in User List screen
  • CSV Bulk Modification identifies Accounts by the Email Address, and updates all data other than Email Address
  • You cannot modify Email Address in bulk (modify individually)
  • In CSV Bulk Modification, leave the password field blank if you did not want to update the registered password
  • In CSV Bulk Modification, Accounts that are not specified belonging organization information will not be assigned to any of organizations
  • In CSV Bulk Processing, rows with unregistered Email Addresses are regarded as New Accounts to be added
1. Delete Users
Click Delete User in the User Accounts detail screen
  • Select a User to be reallocated the Tasks which remained in My task collectively.(Including allocated Issues)
  • Tasks in Offered are to be reevaluated respectively
  • There is no way to Delete multiple User Accounts in bulk