Last updated Oct 06, 2016

Add New User Accounts

A User Account is needed to be issued to each user who defines Business Processes, who flows Issues on them, or who deals with those Issues. To Add new User Accounts of all, one of the System Privilege, [User Manager Authorization] is required.

Add New User Account

a. Email Address login
Use the User’s email address as the Login ID (Authentication ID)
b. Prohibit Account Sharing
Do not issue accounts to be used by multiple Users as a general rule
  • It has a function to check the availability to use the email address as a Login ID
  • When Double Login to the same User Account occurred, the previously logged-in session will be disconnected
  • If you want to set the ID federation such as G Suite (formerly Google Apps) OpenID or SAML, also register a User Account
a. Add Individually
Register User Name, Email Address, Password, etc.
b. Add in Bulk
Add in bulk from CSV data

R3050 Properties of User Account

R3051 Format of CSV Bulk Update (User)

  • Each of all the User Accounts must belong to one or more [Organizations]
  • An Organizational Tree in which all the Users to be assigned must have been designed and added to the system in advance (M303)
  • You can retrieve CSV sample by clicking [Download All] in User List screen
  • In CSV Bulk Addition, Initial passwords will be created when Password Field is blank
  • In CSV Bulk Addition, when put a “!” to the belonging Organization name, the User will be registered to the Organization as a [Leader]
a. Notify the Initial Password (Individual Addition)
Notify the Initial Password which the administrator with [User Manager Authorization] created manually
b. Notify the Initial Password (Bulk Addition)
Notify the Initial Password which automatically created by Questetra
R3052 Recommended Procedures of Setting at the Beginning
  • There is no function to re-display the Password. (Questetra stores the hash value of the password.)