Last updated Jan 23, 2018

Import the Settings of [User], [Organization] and Group of G Suite

If you were using the Cloud based office suites "G Suite", it will take a big effort to manage all the Users similarly in both G Suite and Questetra. You can import "Organization", "User", "Group" from G Suite via APIs and register them in bulk as [Organization], [User], [Role] in Questetra.

Import the Settings of [User], [Organization] and Group of Google Apps

a. OAuth
Is a mechanism where those who can log into two different systems give permission of direct communication between those systems
  • It consists of the systems to Request communication, Respond, and Manage the connection authentication
  • It is also able to cancel the permission later (According to the Settings on the responding system side)
1. Enable API access
At (Security Setting) screen, Enable API access in advance
  • To set up the G Suite side, the Administrator Privilege of the G Suite is required
1. Configure Domain
Register your domain into [G Suite Connectivity] setting menu (M309)
2a. Acquire the List of Organizations
Click confirmation button of Synchronization with G Suite at [Import Organization List] in [Organization List] menu
2b. Acquire the List of Users
Click confirmation button of Synchronization at [Import Users] in [User List] menu
2c. Acquire the List of Groups
Click confirmation button of Synchronization at [Import Roles] in [Role List] menu
3. Add / Update / Put a Deletion mark
Edit settings of the Questetra side based on difference information between both systems

R3080 Specification of Synchronization with G Suite

R3081 Collection From Other Sources

R3082 Sharing with user’s concent

  • Listing candidates of “Addition”, “Update”, “Setting Deletion flag” based on difference information, then execute all or part of them
  • One way data Synchronization from G Suite to Questetra (Settings of the G Suite side never change)
  • Questetra does not support “Multi-Domain”
  • To Delete Users marked for Deletion, Click [Delete User] at each User’s detail screen
  • To Clear the domain connection settings, leave the [Domain] field blank and save it