About Change of Access URL

Access URL of daily use Workflow should better be "Easy-to-remember" as you can type without bookmark. In the cloud-based Workflow "Questetra BPM Suite", you can specify "unique host name" upon transitioning to a paid contract. (Free of charge)

What is an Access URL?

In order to use “Questetra BPM Suite”, the cloud-based Workflow, it is necessary to access to “your dedicating URL” (Access URL) from your web browser.
The Access URL of Questetra BPM Suite is unified in the following format.


What is Change of Access URL?

You can change the “hostname” part (host name / sub domain name) of the Access URL to a name (customer name / sub domain name) of your designation upon transferring to a paid contract (“Flexible Plan” or “Annual Plan”).

E.g.:https://hostname.questetra.net/ → https://newhostname.questetra.net/

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Advantages
    • Easier to tell newly joining employees about the Access URL
    • Easier to set up browser when you change your PC
    • In the unlikely event, when you receive a spoofing email attack, the possibility that you can detect the fake URL becomes high
  • Disadvantages
    • It is necessary to modify documents and external programs in cases such as when access URLs are already written in in-house portals, work manuals, etc., or when API access is set, etc.
    • If it is an Access URL that the business application or scope of use can be guessed , it may be hints for cyber attacks

Rules on “unique hostname”

For example, if your company domain is “example.com” ,you can change the URL to;
“https://example.questetra.net/”, “https://example-bpm.questetra.net/”, “https://wf-example.questetra.net/”
In addition, the following conditions must be satisfied.

  • Characters must be more than 5, 40 or less
  • Available characters are alpha-numeric (lower case) and hyphen only (hyphen at the beginning or the end is not allowed)

* Please be sure to specify a name that does not infringe trademark right or copyright. In the event that it is judged to be inappropriate, there is a possibility of taking measures such as “temporary suspension of service” may be taken even during a paid contract.
* Please note that, if you use a hostname such as “https://example.questetra.net/” in the use environment of a certain department in a large organization, it is possible to conflict later.


Q. Is there a handling fee?
A. It’s free. However, it can be changed only when transitioning to a paid contract.


Q. What kind of procedure is required?
A. In case of application via our sales representative, we will instruct you when you make a contract. In the case of online application, it can be entered in the application form.


Q. Does the Access URL (e.g. https: // karasuma – oike – 000.questetra.net/) I used for free version become unavailable?
A. That is correct. Please use it with a new Access URL.


Q. Can I specify my own domain? (e.g.: https://hostname.questetra.net/ → https://xxxxx.yourdomain.com/)
A. No, you cannot. We do not provide services to specify your own domain name at the moment.


Q. Is there any good way to prevent trademark infringement in the future?
A. If it is a character string based on your company name or your holding domain, the possibility of infringement is low. (e.g. bpm-yourdomain.questetra.net,yourdomain-marketing.questetra.net, etc.)


Q. Company name has been changed. Can I change the “Access URL”?
A. We will inform you about the procedure individually for changes (including re-modification) of access URL during the contract period. Sorry to trouble you, but please inform us from “Contact us”.


Q. I want your advice for naming a “unique hostname”.
A. Please let us know via “Contact us”, about information on your usage or the department in which utilized, as far as possible. We would like to propose some.