Last updated Sep 22, 2017

Controlling Accesses from External to [Message Catch Event API]

Questetra is providing [Message Catch Event API] that can Start a Workflow automatically, and APIs that is capable of controlling User/ Work resources. [Message Catch Event API] is a mechanism to be published additionally when each App designer places an Event for catching external requests. The system administrator regularly checks if unnecessary APIs have been published or not.

External Control Access to [Process Model Connecting API]

a. Message Start Event (HTTP)
By Receiving HTTP requests, a new Issue will start automatically
b. Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)
Add data to the Issue in progress
c. Message Start Event (Form)
By posting to Web Form, a new Issue will start automatically
(d). Message Start Event (Email)
By Receiving Email, a new Issue will start automatically
  • The [Message Catch Event API] is set up in the Business Process definition (App)
  • It is also effective when connecting Apps to each other (API for Making Process Model Connection: M411 – M414)
  • Users with [System Administrator Authorization] can comprehensively browse API open states of all the Business Process definition
  • Those Users can also comprehensively browse [Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)] which transmits HTTP requests to an external server
a. Suspend New Start
Suspend the App which is opening its API
b. Delete Event Icon
After Deleting the definition part of the opening API, Release the App as a new version
  • Even when Suspending App and blocking newly Start, it is possible to maintain the ongoing Issue
  • Even when Modifying a definition and Releasing App as a new version, the ongoing Issues will progress according to the old version
  • To Modify Business Process definition, App Administrator is required (M302)