Last updated Mar 29, 2017

Register an Options-XML file to which the Process Model Definitions Refer to

Select type data of Data items definition requires "Candidate list" to be set. If the target List was registered to the system by a User with [System Administrator Authorization], it allows setting of referring from each App. More efficiency of modeling, or centralized management of candidate list will be achieved.

Register Options XML which Process Model Definitions Referring to

a. (Blank Text form)
Risk of data not being entered in the required format (including minor discrepancies)
b. A Text Form in which the Initial Value has been Set
Risk of forgetting to edit the initial value
c. Select Form
Either one of the available choices will have to be entered (selected) (Exceptional description is unavailable))
  • In Questetra, it is possible to Start a new process for which initial values have been entered (M207)
  • In Questetra, it is possible to set automatic format check on each input value (M206)
  • “Tips of Input” indicated on the outside of the input field frame (M213) and a “Business Manual” (M214) can also help to reduce the risk
a. Options that should be Controlled
e.g. Client name, Branch code, Product code, etc.
b. Highly Reusable Options
e.g. Prefectures List, Answers to a questionnaire such as “Very Good, Good, Normal,,,”
c. Partially Reusable Options
Industry List, Answers to a questionnaire such as Visitors Objectives, Interests and Concerns
R3190 Format of Options-XML
  • Individual settings of the properties of the Select Form are also available (It is not always necessarily to create an XML file)
  • If a reference of Options XML involves external communications, cache clearance operation might be required
  • An Options-XML can be classified as a Local file that is dedicated to a specific definition or as a Global file which can be referenced from multiple definitions
1. Register XML file
Upload New files from App-shared Add-on menu
2. Update the XML file
Upload files from App-shared Add-on menu, with the same file name
  • To register a file which can be referenced by from multiple Apps, you must have System Administrator Authorization
  • A file which can be referenced by from multiple Apps will not be included
    at the Exporting of App
  • XML file that is closed to an App is registered as a Add-on of each App
  • XML file that is closed to an App is registered by Users with App Administrator authorization on the Process
  • Currently, there is no way to check the file history in the system
1. Set a Select type Data Item
The Options which have been set as Select type data are written as XML
2. Design a Flow to Rewrite Select type data
Upstream Input Reference (M208), ECMA Script (M230), etc.
3. Place an Event to Update the XML
Place a Service Task (Choices Update) icon onto the Model
  • An App must be created by a User with System Administrator authorization
  • Specified Select type data will be saved as App-shared Add-on
  • Refer to X. Workflow-Sample for specific design examples