Last updated Aug 09, 2016

Setting: “Overall Stop” during Parallel Processing

An Issue will be split into multiple pathways, if there is a splitting gateway in the middle of the Flow, and will be processed concurrently. However, when one of these reaches to [Terminate End Event], all the other split processes will be aborted forcibly. In other words, it is also granting a "permission to abort the divided Processes" to who are capable to flow the Issue into [Terminate End Event].


a. All must be Processed
Start Steps concurrently as required so that shorten the time required of the entire
b. Singular Processing Sufficient
Expecting someone among multiple persons to grant an Approval, or to discover a solution
c. Deriving Voluntary Step
Deriving a work which may be done or may not be done
  • In many cases in “All must be Processed”, the separated Issues go to the downstream process after all paths have been integrated at a Join gateway
  • Computer Step with no dependencies will be parallelized often
  • In the case of “Singular Processing Sufficient” (first come, first served), the processing of others must be terminated when someone else completed the processing
  • Agent action can be referred as “Singular Processing Sufficient” in which one of multiple people correspond in a coordinated manner
  • Proxy action is essentially a processing by a particular person. (the proxy person upon absence is also another particular.)
  • In many cases, a workflow platform does not detect changing to the proxy, therefore, the setting of the proxy act will be similar to the setting of agent act

a. Termination by Human Judgement
Soliciting advice from colleagues, detection of failures by computer, etc.
b. Termination by Elapsed Time
Checking of Typo at the time of publishing web pages, processing of computer, etc.
c. Termination by Dependency
More than one approvers, dunning and payment confirmation, etc.
  • If it is a Human Task, it will disappear from [My Tasks] where it has been displaying
  • When you divide to similar process e.g. more than one approver, the setting using [Team Swimlane] is also useful. (M212)