Last updated Aug 09, 2016

Setting: Strings to which Business Data has been Inserted to be Set in Midstream

To configure "a state in which the data is input in advance " for Task Processing Screen(Input Screen), the method of Auto-Setting an [Initial Value] at the uppermost stream is useful. However, when it is required referring to some Business Data, the value must be set in the middle of the flow (Auto-Set Step).


a.Can Refer to the Business Data
You can refer to the value of Business Data (including [Issue Name]) at the time of passing automated steps
b. Need to recognize risk of overwriting
The Data Item configured auto-set expression will overwrite the input value at the upper stream
c. Need to recognize risk of collision processing
There is possibility of conflicts in rewriting Data if the flow is split simultaneously
  • As Initial Value Setting, you cannot set Data with referring to other Business Data Items

R2272 Automatic Assignment of String (Data Assignment Format)

a. Avoid Double-Input
e.g. Input deadline on both of “Payment Deadline” and “Invoice Guide” etc.
b. Prevent Transcription Error
e.g. Set “Inquirer Name” onto “Body Text”, Set “Inquirer Address” onto “Reply Destination”
c. Prevent Fluctuation of Notation
e.g. Set file name determined according to “Contract Type (Select Type)”
  • The Set Data will be copied when the issue passing through automated steps
  • Even though ”Reference Source” is changed in the lower stream, “Assignment Target” will not be modified cooperatively

1. Placing Data Setting Steps
Add Auto-Setting steps into the flow
2. Adding Notes
Add notes on input screen as “will be Auto-set/have been Auto-set”
  • Not setting “Draft” as [Initial Value], but setting as reference expression of [Service Task(Data Setting)]
  • In the lower stream, informing for preventing the part that should not be modified from being edited by using “Input Hint” or something