Last updated Jan 16, 2018

“Customer Name” to be Automatically Set into the [Title] in Midstream

[Title] is a special data item that is specified to all the Issues. That is, each Issue which is flowing in, such as "Sales Lead flow", "Quotation flow", or "Billing flow", has an attribute referred as [Title]. If it is a rule that customer name is entered into this [Title], you will be able to search the accumulated data of Issue across Business Processes. (Auto-set Step)


a. Show on My Tasks List
The basic attribute which is given to all the Issues which flows in any Business Processes
b. Target of the Quick Search
To be the search target of All Business Issue search (Search Box at the top of the screen)
  • In [My Tasks] and [Offered], the basic attributes are only displayed in order to list the Issues across the Business Process
  • The Business data that has been defined for each Business Process are not subject to Quick Search in the Search Box
  • To search for Business data that has been defined for each Business Process, you can search by specifying the Business Process (M117)

a. For Identification of Issues
Representation of clarifying the distinction of Issues (E.g.:”Expense Claim SUZUKI 2015-04″)
b. For Quick Search
Representation that is frequently searched (E.g.: “Customer Name”, “Document ID”, etc.)
  • You will be able to collective search on the Issue data on which you have the data viewing authority, across Business Processes (M116)
  • To avoid the “fluctuations” by operating personnel, use a “Description Indication” which is needed

1. Place a Data Set Step
Add a Data Set Step on a Flow
2. Describe Notes
Describe notes which indicate that it is to be / has been Auto-set
  • Notify by “Description Indication” that not to edit inadvertently at downstream Step where it is revisable

R2272 Automatic Assignment of String (Data Assignment Format)