Last updated Aug 09, 2016

Setting: Strings that have been Processed or Converted to be Set in Midstream

There are many cases for which you need operations of processing Strings in the middle of a Flow, such as the notation of a "URL" to be in lowercase, or adding a honorific title to be added for a "customer name". [Script Task] is utilized for String type Business data to be automatically processed. It requires the knowledge of ECMA Script (Server side JavaScript).


a. String literal (Primitive Value)
You can use the String methods of JavaScript
b. Sting Object
You can also use the String methods of Java, with “new java.lang.String()”
  • It is processed by the JavaScript execution engine “Rhino” that is built into the workflow platform (M230)
  • Be careful when using methods which behaviours are different (For example: regular expressions, arrays, etc.)

a. Concatenation
Connecting String to string
b. Substring
Extracting a portion of a String
c. Replacement
Replacement of text Letter case, replacement by Regular Expressions, etc.
  • In accordance with ECMAScript provisions, plus sign “+” will always be the String Concatenator when either one is a string

1. Write a Function for Referring to the Business Data
Use unique reference expression; For example: var tmp = data.get (“99”)
2. Write a Script for Processing a String
Write a string manipulation script that conforms to the ECMA
3. Write a Function for Overwriting Business Data
Use a unique assignment expression; For example: retVal.put (“99”, tmp)
  • Assignment and overwriting of Business Data will be performed collectively after the script processing is completed
  • Assignment and overwriting will not be performed in the event of an error (go to the next processing)
  • The processing time of the script is limited to 5 seconds at the longest (It will vary a little according to the load condition)

R2300 Functions available in Script Task

R2301 Script Data retrieval / assignment