Last updated Oct 23, 2017

Setting: Automatically Generate a Unique “Document ID” in Midstream

There are many cases that generating of strings is needed in the middle of Business process such as "Initial password" by the IT department, or "Agreement ID" by the Legal department. Methods of combining "Time information" or "Serial number information" should be considered if the generated strings were required to be unique. (Data assignment Step, Script Step)


a. Processing on Business Data
Process on the data which have been entered at an upstream Step, and assign the result. (For example: Customer name, application name, etc.) (M405)
b. Formatting an Issue-specific ID
Use a [Process ID] or [Process sequence number] that are unique to an Issue after formatting them.
c. Formatting the Start Time or the Elapsed Time
Use the time in which the Issue started or the “Current time” obtained at an Intermediate Event, after formatting them.
d. Formatting the Name of the Operator or the Department
Use the name of the applicant or the approver, after formatting them.
e. Generating a Random String by Script
Generate a String using functions; For example: “Math.random()”, and set it.
  • For example: you can set a string such as “20150123-01” by combining “Current date” and [Process ID].

a. Generating a File Name
Generate a unique file name immediately before the [PDF Auto-generation Step].
b. Generating Membership ID or Acceptance ID
Issuing Acceptance numbers or Incident numbers.
c. Generating Passwords
Generate temporary passwords upon issuing accounts for internal systems.
  • To ensure uniqueness, a technique to combine the unique [Process ID] in the workflow platform is effective.

R2272 Auto-assignment of String (Data Set Expression)