Last updated Aug 09, 2016

Setting: Embedded Emails to be Transmitted Repeatedly

When you need repetitive processing such as "Transmitting multiple emails" or "Generating multiple PDF files", you should consider a Looping structure which consists of only [Auto-Step] and [Event] (Looping structure without Human Step). You will need to devise such as List data of addresses and file names to be stored in a String type multiple lines. (Script Step)


a. String Data in Multiple Lines
Storing Strings line by line (Separating with line breaks)
b. Table type Data
Storing Strings into String type data within Table type
  • Besides them, there are other methods of Sequence Information Management such as Comma delimited in String type single line, or Selection in Checkbox

1. Referring the Sequence information
Retrieve necessary data by referring the Sequence information using Script Step
2. Setting the Referenced Information
Set it to Data item; For example: “Email destination”
3. Execute Events,etc. with the Information
Place an Event; For example: “Email Transmission”
4. Confirm the Repeating Conditions
Make the judgement on ending the loop by the number of repetition or time limit, etc.
  • According to the “Restrictions” in the Terms of Use, it is not available for the use as business like email delivery agency
  • If the number of processing in the Step (Automated Steps, Human Steps, Each various Events) has gone beyond the 500 steps, it will be the midstream error