Last updated Jan 26, 2018

Setting: Operator to be Assigned Taking Turns

In the standard Allocation rule setting, the operators must underwrite Issues listed on [Offered]. However, in these cases, there are possibilities of occurrence such as each operator shy away from underwriting, and as the result, the amount of work differs. By placing an [Auto-Step] which designates an operator, you can eliminate the need for underwriting operation. (Script Step)


a. Designation at Human Step at Upstream
The operator of upstream Step to designate an operator of downstream Step (M210)
b. Designation by Auto-Step at Upstream
Automatically be designated under a “Taking Turns” rule (Script)
  • Set up reference to User type data for designation of downstream Step operator
  • Progress error occurs if User name has not been set when the Issue arrived at the Step

a. Equal Allocation in the Candidate list
Allocate by taking turns in the list of the candidate operators
b. Allocation in the Candidates List with a certain Load Difference
Allocate by unbalancing the workload in the list of the candidate operators
c. Allocation in Accordance with the Business Data
Implement complex rules, such as the cases that a file has been attached and contains the word “urgent”
  • In a Script Step, you may be realized rules that could not be realized in the gateway and data setting step

1. Write a Function for Referring to the Business Data
Use unique reference expression; For example: var tmp = engine.findDataByNumber (“99”)
2. Write a Script for Narrowing Down to One User
Write a script that conforms to the ECMA
3. Write a Function for Overwriting User Type Data
Use a unique assignment expression; For example: engine.setDataByNumber(“99”, tmp)
  • Assignment and overwriting of Business Data will be performed collectively after the script processing is completed
  • Assignment and overwriting will not be performed in the event of an error (go to the next processing)
  • The processing time of the script is limited to 5 seconds at the longest (It will vary a little according to the load condition)

R2300 Functions available in Script Task

R2301 Script Data retrieval / assignment