Last updated Jul 05, 2016

Placing Search Button which Works in Conjunction with Data on Input

In the business which requires referring to Google Map from the business data of "Construction site", there is an idea of generating "Access URL" in the automated step (Dataset Step or Script Step). When you need to refer to the business data on input, you must implement input screen level device such as placing JavaScript button.


a. Describe HTML in Description of Data Item
Can support Operator as “Input Hint” (M213)
b. Describe JavaScript in Description of Data Item
Enables improvement for a more dynamic Input Interface
  • [Description] of each Data Item can be outputted only if the Item is editable
  • [Description] of [Guide Panel Type] can be outputted when it is displayable

a. Referring by using JavaScript Library
It is possible to refer to a value in the Input Form by jQuery
  • Configure at your own risk when changing the display or communicating data using JavaScript.
  • When you want to refer to input elements in HTML with jQuery, you can refer to them searching by for example, name attribution.
  • The abbreviation using “$” does not work when describing jQuery Script.