Last updated Jan 09, 2018

Narrow Down “Product Name” List Display by Filtering with “Product Classification”

Not a few [Selection Type Data] have many Options such as "Country Name List" or "Business Partner List". In that case, interactive filtering display by [Search Select Box] is useful. In the case of allowing the narrowing with classification such as "Region" or "Business Category", however, we consider two-step input with classification data.


a. Define Parent-Child Relationship of Options
Classify Child options into groups and define a common Parent
b. Selecting a Parent Option, the Option List of Children is Narrowed Down
When selecting a Parent on the input screen, only the corresponding Child options are displayed
  • If you have not selected a Parent option, all of the Child options will be displayed
  • After selecting a Child option, if you change the Parent option, the Child option returns to unselected state

1. Design Option IDs
The choices of children whose [Choice ID] matches the Parent [Option ID] are filtered
2. Set Select Type Data Items
Set two Select type data items of Parent and Child
3. Set Parent-Child Relationship
Specify the Parent Select type data item in the data item of Child
  • “Radio Button / Select Box / Search Select Box” can be designated as Parent
  • It is also possible to define Child choices with multiple Parents, depending on the design of the option ID
  • Regardless of the above, display control using JavaScript is also possible (M213)