Last updated Oct 23, 2017

Auto-starting “Billing Process” Triggered by “Shipping Process”

There are many cases for which you would like to connect Business Processes with each other, such as "Quotation Process" to "Order Acceptance Process", or "Shipping Process" to "Billing Process". By connecting [Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)] and [Message Start Event (HTTP)], downstream Processes will be started automatically. (Message Catch Event APIs)


a. Dividing the Business Process
Aiming for the improvement of the visibility and clarification of responsibilities
b. Subroutine
You can put general-purpose tasks such as “Translate, sign, claim” on a common base (M413)

1. Design a Business Process
Define the Business Processes using [Message Start Event]
2. Release the Business Processes
Release the Business Processes in order to determine the starting point ID (nodeNumber), etc.
3. Write Down the Starting Format
Display the format (API) to trigger the automatic Start, write down its contents
  • It becomes possible to confirm the Automatic Start parameter (start-up format) by putting the Process Model into a running state, after saving the changes

a. Auto Start URL of the Destination
b. Business Process ID of the Destination
Specify the App ID (processModelInfoId) of the connection destination
c. Start Event ID of the Destination
Specify the starting point (nodeNumber) of the App of the connection destination
d. Security Key of the Connection Destination
Specify the security key of the App of the connection destination
e. Business Data to be Passed
Specify “reception parameter name” of the connection destination, if necessary, and specify the value to be sent
  • It is possible to substitute with “$ {var [applicationRoot]} System / Event / MessageStart / start”, as long as it is on the same workflow platform

R2182 Error Notification of HTTP Start

R2210 Naming Convention for Data Receiving Parameter