Last updated Oct 23, 2017

Setting: In order not to forget the Next Billing, Auto-Start a Subsequent Process

There are many cases that you would like to take over previous Business Data for the next-time processing, such as "Monthly billing for customers" or "Calling meetings of board members and Creating meeting minutes". By placing an "Event to start-up the subsequent processing" in downstream, you can automatically start next-time issues that take over needed Business Data.(Recursive Call) (Message Catch Event)


a. Cases where a Single Issue Flows in the Workflow
For example: At the time of sending the minutes to the board of directors, start up the next part
b. Cases where Multiple Issues Simultaneously Flows in the Workflow
For example: Starting-up next billing when sending monthly billing to each customer

1. Design a Business Process
Define the Business Processes using [Message Start Event]
2. Release the Business Process
Release the Business Processes in order to determine the starting point ID (nodeNumber), etc.
3. Write Down the Starting Format
Display the format (API) for causing the automatic Start, make a note of its contents
  • It becomes possible to be confirmed the Automatic Start parameter (start-up format) by making the Process Model running state, after saving the edit

a. Auto Start URL
Utilizing variables is effective “${var[applicationRoot]}System/Event/MessageStart/start”
b. Business Process ID
Specify own App ID (processModelInfoId)
c. Start Event ID
Specify the starting point ID (nodeNumber)
d. Security Key
Specify security key of the target [Message Start Event]
e. Business Data to be Passed
Specify own “reception parameter name”, if necessary, and specify the value to be sent

R2182 Error Notification of HTTP Start

R2210 Naming Convention for Data Receiving Parameter