Data deletion (in: None, out: Each data type A)

Deletes the data of the selected data item.

    A. Select DATA ITEM to be deletedData selectStringorNumericorDateorDatetimeorSelectorSelect(radio/select/search)orSelect(check box)orUserorOrganizationorTableorFileRequired
    -variable namevariable label
    Aconf_DataIdASelect DATA ITEM to be deleted
    //// == 自動工程コンフィグの参照 / Config Retrieving ==
    var dataIdA = configs.get( "conf_DataIdA" );
    //// == ワークフローデータの参照 / Data Retrieving ==
    //// == 演算 / Calculating ==
    //// == ワークフローデータへの代入 / Data Updating ==
    retVal.put( dataIdA, null );

    • none
    • null will be stored in the each Data item selected in config A
    • It is used for deleting, for instance, confirmation data that should not be kept as a record
    • As of v11.2, Data Items that are required to be entered cannot be deleted
    • Discussion type data items or Guide Panel types cannot be set as targets for data deletion