Data Duplicator (Table) (in: Table type A, out: Table type B)

Duplicate the value of Table type data item: A at Table type data item: B.

    A. Select TABLE DATAData selectTableRequired
    B. Select TABLE DATA (update)Data selectTableRequired
    -variable namevariable label
    Aconf_DataIdASelect TABLE DATA
    Bconf_DataIdBSelect TABLE DATA (update)
    //// == 自動工程コンフィグの参照 / Config Retrieving ==
    var dataIdA = configs.get( "conf_DataIdA" );
    var dataIdB = configs.get( "conf_DataIdB" );
    //// == ワークフローデータの参照 / Data Retrieving ==
    var tableOriginal = data.get( dataIdA );
    // com.questetra.bpms.core.model.formdata.ListArray
    //// == 演算 / Calculating ==
    //// == ワークフローデータへの代入 / Data Updating ==
    retVal.put( dataIdB, tableOriginal );

    • A’: Table information stored in the Data Item selected in config A
    • Table A’ will be stored in the Table type Data Item selected in config B
    • If the number of design columns (number of columns) of the table does not match, it results in an error. (Invalid number of Columns)
    • If the Data types of the columns do not match, it results in an error in many cases. (Input data does not match …) However, cases such as duplication from a Data type column to String type column may not result in an error.