OpenChat Post (Questetra’s Enterprise Social Networking)

Posts the contents of a String type data item to the Open Chat, targeting a designated organization.

    A. Set Group ID for messaging scope (e.g. g99->"99")Single-line inputRequired
    B. Select TEXT DATA for postData selectStringRequired
    -variable namevariable label
    Aconf_ScopeGroupSet Group ID for messaging scope (e.g. g99->"99")
    Bconf_TextForPostSelect TEXT DATA for post
    //// == 自動工程コンフィグの参照 / Config Retrieving ==
    var scopeGroupId = configs.get("conf_ScopeGroup") - 0;
    // Java String -> JavaScript Number
    var dataIdB = configs.get("conf_TextForPost");
    //// == ワークフローデータの参照 / Data Retrieving ==
    var postMessage = data.get( dataIdB );
    //// == 演算 / Calculating ==
    var openChat = feedService.begin();
    var qgroup = qgroupDao.findById( scopeGroupId );
    openChat.setShareQgroup( qgroup );
    openChat.setMessage( postMessage );;

    • B’: Strings stored in the Data Item selected at config B
    • With the Organization specified at config A as the scope, text of B’ will be automatically posted