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To Print “Business Data” in Reimbursement Application Workflow

When business data must be printed out, let's print out the deliverables of Workflows from the 'Printing window'.
Do you have Workflows from which you need to keep or issue a hard copy? There are many cases in which business data must be printed out, such as: payment approval receipts pasted on application forms, or when keeping a printed record is relevant. Print out the deliverables of Workflows from the ‘Printing window‘.

One of the purpose of implementing a Workflow software is its ‘Paperless’ nature. However, some affairs still need to be recorded in paper. Take for instance the following scenarios:

  • On a “Travel Expense flow”, submission to Accounting must be in paper together with receipts.
  • The company policy may also require the track of the Approval flow to be stored in paper.

With Questetra BPM Suite, printing business data flow used on the Workflow is available.

en-process-instance-infoYou can get to the ‘Detail’ section in the Task list of “My Tasks”, “Offered Tasks” or narrowed list of “Your Task Record”, “All Process Record”.

Regardless of their state (Processing, Finished, Terminated), all the Processes can be printed.

To open a printable version window, click on the [Open Window for Printing] button on the top right corner of the “Detail screen”. You can then print it out with the print function on your web browser.


Sample of ‘Window for Printing’ display

The following business templates are convenient sample process model (workflow definition) to use the “Printing Function”. You can import the Template file (.qar file) and try.

Last modified: 2013-04-23