XML: Forms of Process Data Items

workitem-form type description
workitem-form root element
(Hereinafter, “workitem-form” shall be ommitted)
title String Title
title-accessibility Number R/W permission, 1:Read only, 3: R/W
title-description String Messages for Input Form
title-columns Number Title Column
form-data Process Data Items
form-data/@number Number Process Data Item Definition Number
form-data/@id Number Process Data Item Definition ID
form-data/accessibility Number 0: no, 1: Read only, 3: R/W
form-data/data-type Number Type of Process Data Item:: 0: String, 5: Date, 8: User, 9: Discussion, 10: Datetime, 11: Select, 12: Numeric, 13: Table, 14: File, 15: Guide Panel, 16: Organization
form-data/form-type Number Type of input form type::
0: Text field, 1: Text area, 2: Radio button, 3: Check box, 4: Select box, 5:Search select box
form-data/sub-type Number Input format for Date type::
0:Y/M/D, 1:Y/M, 2:M/D, 3:Y
form-data/name String Name of Process Data Item
form-data/data-instance-id Number Process Data Item ID
form-data/process-instance-id Number Process Instance ID
form-data/view-order Number Priority order of Process Data Item
form-data/description String Messages for Input Form
form-data/columns Number Number of column setting of Process Data Item
form-data/required Boolean Required Input Form: true
form-data/button-direction Number 1: Horizontal, 2: Vertical, for Checkboxes and Radio buttons
form-data/button-rows Number Number of buttons for each, for Checkboxes and Radio buttons
form-data/items Selection items
form-data/items/process-data-definition-detail:item String Selection each items
form-data/items/process-data-definition-detail:item/process-data-definition-detail:value String Value of Selection item
form-data/items/process-data-definition-detail:item/process-data-definition-detail:display String Name of Selection item
form-data/process-data-definition-detail:string-detail String format – STRING-DETAIL
form-data/process-data-definition-detail:decimal-detail Decimal format – DECIMAL-DETAIL
form-data/process-data-definition-detail:list-detail Table format – TABLE-LIST-DETAIL
form-data/value (String) Value of Process Data
(Formats are different in each data type. Easy to understand them if you see actual Xml.)
node-number Number Process Model (BPMN) item’s Node number
task-name String Task (Workflow step) name
swimlane-type Number 0: (normal) Swimlane, 1: Team Swimlane
user-selects Submit buttons for downstream flows
user-selects/user-select Each submit button for downstream flow
user-selects/user-select/flow-id Number Submit button ID
user-selects/user-select/name String Submit button name
executing-roles User Position (Leader) to do the task
executing-roles/executing-role Positions
executing-roles/executing-role/quser-id Number User ID
executing-roles/executing-role/quser-name String User name
executing-roles/executing-role/qgroup-id Number Organazation IDs available
executing-roles/executing-role/qgroup-name String Organazation names available
qgroup-id Number 現在選択されている処理時のポジション
Current selected position to do the task
※ Version 9.4 and later
workitem-id Number Task ID


STRING type description
process-data-definition: string-detail Namespace “/workitem-form/form-data/process-data-definition”
required Boolean Need to input
regex String Regular expression to be satisfied
textarea-rows Number Text box height


DECIMAL type description
process-data-definition:decimal-detail Namespace “process-data-definitionl”
required Boolean 入力必須項目 Need to input
prefix String 接頭辞 Prefix
suffix String 接尾辞 Suffix
minimum String 最大値 Minimum
maximum String 最小値 Maximum
operation String for Table
summary String for Table
decimal-separator String comma, piriod, etc
grouping-separator String comma, period, etc
ref-summary Boolean Expression is defined: true
scale Number Range of Decimal digits


TABLE type description
process-data-definition:list-detail Namespace “process-data-definition”
sub-data-defs Data Items
sub-data-defs/sub-data-def Data Item
sub-data-defs/sub-data-def/name String Title
sub-data-defs/sub-data-def/data-type Number 0: String, 11: Select, 12: Number
sub-data-defs/sub-data-def/string-detail see STRING-DETAIL
sub-data-defs/sub-data-def/decimal-detail see DECIMAL-DETAIL