Using Business Template for the First Time

Questetra has published more than 500 Business-flows with the detailed descriptions. You will be able to utilize a highly advanced Workflow system easily by downloading a Business Template and using it.

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We recommend you to see “Business Designing for the First Time” first, if you are touching Questetra for the very first time.

1Get a Sample

Download an Archive from the Sample site or Business Template collection

1-1. Find the Business Process of your Aim

There are lots of Business Processes published in “Business Template collection”

1-2. Download business Template

Download the Business Template of your aim

You can also Download from the bottom of “Detailed Description article”


Import a Business Template as a Process Model to Questetra

2-1. New Model from Archive

Select to click [Process Model Settings] from top right menu in the screen, then it opens a page that displays a list of Businesses

Clicking on the [New Model from Archive] button, it moves to the File Selecting screen
Clicking on the [upload archive] button after selecting the file, it moves to property editing screen

2-2. Setting of Property and Associating with Organization

Associate with Organization in your system, and modify the property if needed, then click on the [Add new process model] button



Try to Modify the Process Model to fit your needs

3-1. To begin editing of process Model

You will be able to edit the Flow by clicking on the [Edit] button

Please see “Business Designing for the First Time” and “Tour Chapter 2; Defining Business Process” for How to edit a Process Model



Release the imported Process Model as a Workflow system

4-1. Release as a Workflow system

Click on the [Release developing Version] button

It is now usable as a Workflow system, and the date and time of releasing is recorded as the “Latest version”
Please see “Business Designing for the First Time” and “Tour Chapter 1; Handling Issues” for How to flow Business data and to handle Issues



Now, you have learned how to import and use a Business Template which has been published at “Workflow Sample”

You can also Export Process Models that you have created in Questetra as Business Templates (Archive / QAR files)