[Auto Event] To Setup Automatic Generation of PDF Forms

PDF documents which inserted the business data in the workflow, can be generated automatically in the middle of the workflow.

By placing the “Service Task (PDF generation)” in the middle of workflow, PDF document will be generated automatically.

Questetra BPM Suite will generate a new PDF document, inserting Business data (Process data) such as numerals or texts into the document template (PDF Form / Template PDF) that has been registered in Questetra in advance. Generated PDF document will be added and stored to the File type Process data Item of the Process. (It is the same way as “Mail Merge” which has been equipped with Microsoft Word Etc.)



Specification of Text Attribute:

Questetra BPM Suite inserts only ‘Text information’. Does not insert ‘Font information’ nor ‘Layout information’ such as right-justified and left-justified.



Last modified: 2015-05-29